Hario metal drip scale

€ 90.00

The all-new V60 METAL DRIP SCALE is designed to be even more user-friendly. Addressing the specific needs of professional users, many distinguishing features are packed into its simple design.

Special Features:

Timer/Scale: The extraction amount or weight is still displayed on the right side, while the extraction time is still shown on the left side.

LED Black light: The new model employs a reverse LCD with white numbers atop a black matte. It features an LED backlight, making it readable even in dimly lit locations.

Stainless weighing platform: The top plate is made with stainless steel, which allows it to withstand heat, and alsocontains insulating materials to prevent heat from transferring to the base.The main body's top plate is covered with a flat acrylic plate, allowing water and coffeegrounds to be easily wiped off and can be removed from the main body simply by turning it.

Non-slip rubber feet: The main body is sturdy and heavy, while the underside has non-slip rubber feet in each corner, reducing movement during the brewing process to ensure accuracy and consistency. When not in use, the main body can be laid on its side and stored upright to conserve space.

Simply charge it with a USB device: Runs 80 consecutive hours after charging for 4 hours

Made in Japan