Our flagship store has strong and long-lasting to the place it is situated in: Gardelli Specialty Coffees - just as the founder Rubens Gardelli - was born in Forlì, it matured and gained worldwide fame while always having its roots here. Thus, there could be no better place for our latest creation - the caffeteca.

The precise location is the outcome of a series of Rubens’ careful considerations. With the idea to open a new flagship, he decided to acquire the premises rather than renting it: this decision constrained the options right away. Another factor that conditioned the choice of location was its size: Rubens knew that the #caffeteca had to be relatively small to be commercially sustainable while focusing exclusively on coffee, - no aperitifs, no lunches, just the perfectly pulled shots and masterfully extracted filters. 

Looking for the suitable premises, Rubens noted a developing and lively area in the city center, close to the University of Bologna campus. And it was here that a small space on the corner of two streets - calling for ceiling-to-floor windows for lots of light and excellent visibility - was on sale, waiting for its new owner. 


We have already told you a bit about our jewel - the espresso machine Leva from La Marzocco, but we can't help but talk more about it!

Let's have a closer look at the features of this machine that allow our baristas to pull the mind-blowing shots!

Safety always comes first, and choosing among various available lever machines, Rubens attached great importance to the features that would make the machine as safe for our staff as possible, - the Leva has a unique mechanism preventing the lever from bouncing up when portafilter is removed that guarantees such safety.

Secondly, this machine is equipped with a separate water reservoir for the groups that allows the use of the water with correct profile for extraction. We cannot stress more that water is the key ingredient for an amazing cup, and this system allows us to walk what we talk. 

Thirdly, Leva gives a barista the freedom to adjust the pressure of extraction during the pre-infusion, those first several seconds of extraction that can really make the difference on the cup quality. Playing with pressure requires a lot of skill and mastery from the barista, and with our Leva we can work hard and play harder!

 Last, but not least: isn't it exceptionally beautiful? For that, we are to thank both the manufacturers of La Marzocco and a local artist who has painted parts of the machine by hand. With so much love and care put into it, this machine is a beating heart of the #caffeteca.


There are several key words characterising our caffeteca, and one of them is thoughtfulness: each detail, each interior choice has a meaning. 

One of the most prominent materials in the interior of the caffeteca is pink marble. It was by no means easy for Rubens to find a material that would embody the image of GSC, while at the same being in line with the choice of using natural materials in the design as far as possible - not many natural materials are pink. After month of reflecting, researching and searching for inspiration Rubens found a truly unique material - Portuguese pink marble - that can only be found in one place on Earth. He knew right away that this noble stone would fit beautifully in his new creation!

This marble is used in the caffeteca wherever it is possible and practicable: the counter is made exclusively from it, front and back. What is more, the marble has been worked by a local artisan from Forlì.


Having chosen Portuguese pink marble as the main material in the interior, Rubens continued with the search of the materials that would complement it.

Guided by the philosophy of using natural materials as far as possible, his choice fell on solid oak, sourced in Italy. This noble wood, with its unique grain, adds even more warmth and character to the interior.


The jewels in the crown of our #caffeteca are the Diamond Edition porcelain cups. 

All the cups are hand-made, and the beautiful pink glaze is also applied by hand to the upper part of the the cup, while the bottom is left untreated to provide a richness of texture, a layered experience of touch. We have smaller cups for espresso and larger cups for cappuccino. The diamond pattern - Rubens' idea - is meant to symbolise the uniqueness and preciousness of the liquid the cup is to hold. As with each detail, there is an idea, a story behind: the artisanal, high-quality, yet unique container made for the very special contents - roasted to perfection and masterfully extracted coffee.

The creator of the cups, Berlin-based Nora Šmahelová, is a well-known figure in the Specialty Coffee world herself. She is a certified judge of various World of Coffee events and has been judging for over a decade now. She is also a co-founder of Coffe Profilers Berlin and is currently collaborating with La Marzocco's Accademia dell'Espresso.

If you want to partake in the #Caffeteca ritual from your home, you can order your unique cup on our website.


We want to make your every visit to the Caffeteca an experience multidimensional, involving as many senses as possible.

We have taken care of the visual elements for your sight, provided multiple textures for the touch, and while the center stage belongs to the taste of unique and masterfully roasted and brewed coffees, we amplify it through the smell. 

That is why each coffee - be it espresso or filter - is served with a tiny glass container with some ground coffee inside. This feature of the serving has been inspired by the professional tasting protocols, where specialists evaluate both the dry aroma - that is the aroma of the ground beans - and the wet aroma - aroma of the brewed coffee.


The searched-for treasure - of course, pink

We are big believers that functionality can be successfully married with aesthetics, so the choice of brewing equipment for the #caffeteca was long and very careful. 

One of the most important - and beautiful - pieces in our set-up is a gorgeous pink Stagg kettle by Fellow. The kettle is well-travelled - in fact, it landed on our counter from across the world! Rubens spotted this gem during his  origin trip to Guatemala, and he fell for it from the first sight. 

The reason for the kettle's long journey is pretty simple: it is not available in pink on the European market. So, not only did it have to be brought from another continent - adjustment had also be made to the plug so that it could be used in our home in Forlì. 

This baby cost us a lot of effort (and not only), but isn't it absolutely worth it? - We think yes!