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Gardelli is about one simple thing: making the best possible coffee. The best coffee is fresh. The best coffee is brewed perfectly. The best coffee elevates an experience, whether it arrives at the end of an eight-course meal or at the beginning of writing that term paper. When you form a relationship with Gardelli, you will provide that moment.

Wholesale Ordering


We have a dedicated webshop for wholesale ordering, created from scratch following our philosophy and terms and conditions; it's one of the things we are most proud of and set us apart from the majority of roasters. We invested and still investing a huge amount of time, energy and money on it to make the buying experience as easy, precise and well-organised as possible.
We will confirm your order with an emailed copy as soon as you input into our wholesale webshop. Once your order ships, your invoice and tracking info is also emailed making the timeline from placing your order to receiving roasted-to-order coffee often less than three working days.

We freshly roast to order all coffees on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excluding national holidays), and ship the same day! Cut-off time is 6:00pm (UTC+1) of the day before the roast day.

Wholesale Contact Form

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All information provided will NEVER BE SHARED WITH ANYONE, as we take the privacy of each customer very seriously.

Once we receive your complete Wholesale Contact Form, we will analyze it and if you do not receive any answer within 15 days,
it means the information you inserted do not satisfy our requirements to become our wholesale partner.