El Mirador, Strawberry Special (Colombia) - 250g
  • El Mirador, Strawberry Special (Colombia) - 250g
  • El Mirador, Strawberry Special (Colombia) - Fermentation
  • El Mirador, Strawberry Special (Colombia) - Variety
  • El Mirador, Strawberry Special (Colombia) - Plantation
  • El Mirador, Strawberry Special (Colombia) - Fermentation


El Mirador, Strawberry Special


Terroir Best Lot

Cup Notes
Berry marmalade / Strawberry / Lychee

El Mirador is a unique sensory experience that showcases the innovative anaerobic strawberry fermentation process, giving the coffee a bright and captivating flavor.
This special batch harmoniously marries the rich, complex flavors of coffee with the bright, fruity notes of strawberries.
This particular Lot is a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of the coffee industry, offering a delightful and unforgettable palate experience.

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Quality Score
Terroir Best Lot
Elkin Guzmán
1550-1750 masl
Anaerobic Special
Arabica cultivar
Picked in
October-December 2022
Arrived in
July 2023
Shipped in
Box + Vacuum pack
Roast profile by
Rubens Gardelli
Roasted on
Customised solid-drum roaster
Suggested for
Espresso and filter


El Mirador is a coffee farm owned by Elkin Guzmán, whose family has been engaged in coffee production for over 70 years. There has been a strong focus on the research into processing techniques at the farm for the past 12 years.

El Mirador is situated in the municipality of Palestine, within the El Portal village, near the Pompeii Reserve in the Magdalena river valley. The farm covers an area of 32 hectares, the majority of which is dedicated to cultivating exotic coffee varieties like Catiope, Mokka, Tabi, Geisha, Orange, Striped, and Pink Bourbon. Additionally, two hectares are specifically allocated for experimenting with the Caturra variety.

Elkin has implemented standardized workflows and processing procedures on the farm to ensure consistency and to implement quality control at every stage of the production. He pays close attention to detail and employs innovative fermentation methods and a variety of processing techniques, such as maceration, lactic and acetic fermentation, and natural processing.


El Mirador, Strawberry Special (Colombia) - Story


The Catiope variety in this selection is a cross between Colombian Caturra and Ethiopian heirloom varieties "Ca(turra)-(E)tiope." It was developed in the Colombian department of Cauca and obtained by Elkin and Banexport in 2014 on an experimental farm visit. The plant is a low-growing, high-bearing tree with slightly copper-colored leaves. The cherry color is generally full-red with a maturation Brix concentration of 20–22°. The flavor is often sweet.

El Mirador, Strawberry Special (Colombia) - Variety
El Mirador, Strawberry Special (Colombia) - Fermentation