La Loma, XO Barrel (Colombia) - 250g
  • La Loma, XO Barrel (Colombia) - 250g
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La Loma, XO Barrel


Competition Series

Cup Notes
Baked apple / Raisins / Cinnamon / Vanilla

The unique flavour of this special lot, cultivated in Colombia's Huila region by Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia, is characterized by its delightful fruity notes. Through a specialised barrel processing, the coffee acquires a distinct profile, revealing hints of autumnal aromas such as raisins, cinnamon, baked apple, and vanilla.
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Quality Score
Terroir Best Lot
Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia
1650 masl
Washed - XO Barrel
Arabica cultivar
Caturra, Bourbon
Picked in
November 2022
Arrived in
March 2023
Shipped in
Box + Vacuum pack
Roast profile by
Rubens Gardelli
Roasted on
Customised solid-drum roaster
Suggested for
Espresso and filter


The farm La Loma is situated in Vereda Agua Negra in Pitalito, Huila. It is a 12-hectare plantation owned by Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia and his spouse, who have been cultivating coffee at La Loma since 2011. The varieties cultivated on the estate include Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Pink Bourbon, Pacamara, Laurina, and Gesha. The mill, located on the farm, incorporates a pulping machine and tanks for dry fermentation.

In 2017, Rodrigo and his crew from Aromas del Sur, the parent enterprise of La Loma, El Progreso, and Monteblanco farms, along with the dry mill Aromas del Sur (El Puente), established a tasting lab at La Loma to simplify sample roasting, harvest assessment, and origin procurement. La Loma intends to persist in Rodrigo's other estates' complete experimental scheme, hence broadening the coffee assortment.


La Loma, XO Barrel (Colombia) - Story


Caturra is a distinct variety of coffee known for its compact size and vibrant flavours. Originally discovered in Brazil, Caturra is a natural mutation of the Bourbon coffee plant. One of its unique features is its shorter stature, which makes it easier to cultivate and harvest. Despite its smaller size, Caturra beans pack a punch in terms of taste. They often produce a cup of coffee with a bright acidity and a well-rounded, medium body. The flavour profile of Caturra coffee can encompass notes of citrus, caramel, and even floral undertones. Coffee connoisseurs appreciate Caturra for its versatility, making it a popular choice for both single-origin offerings and blends. Its distinct qualities contribute to the rich tapestry of coffee varieties available to enthusiasts worldwide.

Bourbon coffee is a distinct and highly regarded variety within the world of coffee. Originating from the lush landscapes of the Bourbon Island (now Réunion Island) in the Indian Ocean, this coffee cultivar is renowned for its exceptional cup profile. The Bourbon beans are characterised by their smooth and full-bodied flavour, often accompanied by notes of rich chocolate, caramel, and a hint of fruity undertones. The plants themselves exhibit a compact growth habit, yielding cherries that contain two seeds (coffee beans) per fruit. This variety's unique combination of flavours and balanced acidity has made Bourbon coffee a cherished choice among coffee enthusiasts, contributing to its status as a revered classic in the realm of specialty coffee.

La Loma, XO Barrel (Colombia) - Variety
La Loma, XO Barrel (Colombia) - Fermentation