Tamiru Tadesse Tesema (Ethiopia) - 250g
  • Tamiru Tadesse Tesema (Ethiopia) - 250g
  • Tamiru Tadesse Tesema (Ethiopia) - product


Tamiru Tadesse Tesema


Competition Series

Cup Notes
Lilac / Lychee / Pineapple / Raspberry / Passion Fruit / Concord Grape
Suggested for espresso and filter

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Quality Score
Several small farmers
2100-2300 masl
Anaerobic Natural - Raised Beds
Arabica cultivar
Picked in
January 2022
Arrived in
October 2022
Shipped in
Cardboard box + Vacuum pack
Roast profile by
Rubens Gardelli
Roasted on
Customised solid-drum roaster


Tamiru Tadesse is a producer who has been in the coffee business for the past eight years. Originally from Bensa in Sidama, a region known for its agriculture agreeable climate and fertility, most of Tamiru’s acquaintances just like everyone in the region are engaged in growing coffee in their back yard and farms. Born at the heart of the coffee producing region in Ethiopia, (a place that won every CoE competition in Ethiopia including this year)  Tamiru produces and processes his coffee around where he was brought up to help the famers who been producing coffee even before he was born but have little to no chance of getting access to the market to earn a living from their hard work.

In 2020 when establishing his company Alo Coffee, Tamiru took an unprecedent risk in choosing his main processing station in Alo Kebelle, a village new to growing coffee due to the high altitude estimated to be above 2400masl. The risk paid off in 2021 making Tamiru the winner of CoE with an anerobic coffee produced and processed at an altitude of 2450masl. Due to the high altitude the coffee that grows in Alo are smaller in size making them below the standard screen, but known for its unique taste exclusive to the village and altitude they are grown in.

We are extremely proud to offer you the same winning lot, but from the fresh 2022 crop.


Tamiru Tadesse Tesema (Ethiopia) - story


The 74160 variety is a selection produced by the Jimma research centre, and introduced to Ethiopia in 1971 as a movement to test and select coffee trees that have good disease resistance for farmers to grow. This variety has been selected from wild plants in the Metu-Bishari forest in the Illubabor zone in Western Ethiopia. 74160 is a widespread variety across Ethiopia: it has been selected for its resistance to coffee berry disease (CBD) and its high yield.
The number signifies: 74 (years that the coffee seeds were collected) and 158 (varietal number).
This variety is known to have very pronounced citrus and floral notes.

Tamiru Tadesse Tesema (Ethiopia) - variety
Tamiru Tadesse Tesema (Ethiopia) - fermentation