Inmaculada, Sudan Rume (Colombia)
  • Inmaculada, Sudan Rume (Colombia)
  • Inmaculada, Sudan Rume (Colombia)
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Inmaculada, Sudan Rume


*Premium Rarities*

Cup Notes
Vanilla / Mango / Orange / Lychee / Red Grape 
Suggested for espresso and filter

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Quality Score
Premium Rarities
Julian Holguin Ramos
1900 masl
Anaerobic Natural
Arabica cultivar
Sudan Rume
Picked in
August 2021
Arrived in
February 2022
Shipped in
Cartoon + Vacuum pack
Roast profile by
Rubens Gardelli
Roasted on
Customised solid-drum roaster


La Inmaculada is one of the most prestigious farms in the world. Its fame is not only due to their rare varietals but also thanks to the attention to detail in the quality control process: from the best equipment to the irreplaceable human hand selection.
Only 20 minutes away from Cali, in a small town called Pichinde located in the Andes mountains, the Holguin family decided to make use of an untouched forest on their family farm. The location was ideal to grow coffee; weather, altitude, rainfall are all available in a perfect combination. They started growing coffee on 5.12 hectares and today, nine years later, 50 hectares are reserved for coffee cultivation, of which 30 are planted and the rest is kept as natural forest.
These 50 hectares are divided into four different farms located in the same region, but in different areas - consequently, the four areas have different climate conditions. Those farms are El Jardin, Las Nubes, Monserrat and Inmaculada Concepcion. In those farms, some of the rarest and most special coffees such as Rume Sudan, Eugenoides, Laurina, Gesha and Maragesha, are planted.

Inmaculada (Colombia) - story


Scientifically discovered in 1940, the Sudan Rume is a variety of the C. arabica that was originally found in a wild state in the forests of the inner tropical mountains of Marsabit in the Boma Plateau in East Africa, in the south-east of the Sudan near the border with Ethiopia. This variety is known to be resistant to the coffee cherry disease. Thanks to the disease resistance, Sudan Rume is often used as a breeding variety. 

It is an exceptionally rare cultivar with a beautiful flavour profile. As the harvest can be incredibly small, this coffee is a classic case of quality over quantity. Its yield is medium, and the beans are large and long.

The processed Sudan Rume variety is unique in number of ways . Unlike the grassy, vegetal aroma that washed process can give to this cultivar, this is a very fragrant lot with notes of cardamom and sweet spice, and abundance of floral notes. This is a unique coffee with an amazing flavour profile. 

Inmaculada (Colombia) - variety


As producers give increasing consideration to the effect of fermentation on the quality and profile of their coffee, they are adopting different and interesting techniques to their repertoires in order to diversify their offering. One method that is becoming more popular is fermenting coffee in a controlled anaerobic environment, meaning that the coffee is placed in a vessel without any presence of oxygen for a part of the fermentation process. The duration of fermentation and subsequent drying practices can very from one lot to another.

Inmaculada (Colombia) - fermentation


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