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Finca Bella Vista (Guatemala)

250 gr


Cup Notes

Blackberry / Red Grape / Lemon Curd / Muscovado Sugar

Suggested for espresso and filter


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Technical details

Quality Score
Terroir Best Lot
Pablo Arturo Chuy Flores
Ayarza lake
1600-2000 masl
Special Natural
Arabica cultivar
Picked in
Jan-Mar 2021
Arrived in
September 2021
Shipped in
GrainPro bags
Roast profile by
Rubens Gardelli
Roasted on
Customised roaster


Pablo Chuy Flores is the fourth-generation coffee farmer and the owner of Finca Bella Vista. Finca Bella vista is located in Ayarza, Santa Rosa, Guatemala, at the altitude of 1,600 - 2,000 masl. Finca Bella Vista lies around an ancient volcano crater, that is now a lake called Laguna de Ayarza. The lake is famous for wonderfully clean water and unique flora and fauna in it.

Pablo Chuy's great-grandparents, grandparents and his dad have all been growing coffee. Now the farm is managed by the fourth generation, that continues the family enterprise carrying on in the coffee business. All family members are involved in the farm's operation, so that the fifth generation of coffee producers will be ready to take over the business.
There are about 45 full-time workers and 95-170 seasonal employees, hired during the harvest. Accommodation, amenities, general medical and transport benefits are provided for workers. The family has won the respect of the local community thanks to their efforts in reforestation, water conservation and community development projects, such as healthcare and school programs. They also assist nearby producers by buying and processing those producers' coffees on their wet mill.

Finca Bella Vista (Guatemala) - story


Typica originated from Yemeni stock, taken first to Malabar, India, and later to Indonesia by the Dutch. It later made its way to the West Indies, to the French colony at Martinique. Typica has genetically evolved to produce new characteristics, often considered new varietals: Criollo (South America), Arabigo (Americas), Kona (Hawaii), Pluma Hidalgo (Mexico), Garundang (Sumatra), Blue Mountain (Jamaica, Papua New Guinea), San Bernardo & San Ramon (Brazil), Kents & Chickumalgu (India)

Finca Bella Vista (Guatemala) - variety


Todo maduro - a variation of the natural process - can be translated as "all matured" and refers to the way cherries are collected for this lot

The fermentation process starts already at the collection stage: the cherries are left on the tree until all of them are ripe. Since the cherries mature at a different point of time, albeit on the same tree, those that mature first become almost black by the time the late-comers are of necessary maturation. This approach optimises the collection and facilitates the pickers' work, which also ensures that no unripe cherries are present in the lot.

Subsequent fermentation follows the canon of natural process: the cherries are placed on raised beds until the humidity level reaches 12%, and then depulped.

Finca Bella Vista (Guatemala) - fermentation


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