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The December Dripper is a brand new brewer designed by Nicholas Cho, one of the most renowned figures in the American coffee industry.

The idea is easy: just put the paper filter in, pour the ground coffee in, and pour hot water over it. Why is the dripper so special then? A flat bottom, as well as the possibility to manipulate the flow rate of brewed coffee make steady and even extractions even easier to achieve. That goes hand in hand with a higher quality of your brews.

Twelve holes spread evenly in rows of three can be closed or opened thanks to an easy adjustment placed at the bottom.

The December offers four different settings:

- all the holes closed

- 4 holes opened

- 8 holes opened

- all the holes opened

A silicone holder protects from potential burns. The dripper is made of a high-quality stainless steel and can be washed in a dishwasher. It is durable and well-fitted.

It is compatible with Brewista Wave paper filters (Filters are not included).

Designed in U.S.A.

Made in P.R.C.


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