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This book is meant to be a reference for any roaster, whether a beginner or a professional. For our purposes, Scott  focus on light-to-medium roasting of specialty coffee processed in a batch drum roaster in 8-16 minutes. Most of what he discuss also applies to continuous roasters, high-yield roasters, fluid-bed roasters, and other roasting technologies. However, he not often refer to such roasting machines directly.

Scott implores the reader to study this entire book and not focus solely on the "how to" chapters. Experience with his previous books has taught him that readers who cherry-pick the parts that appeal to them end up missing some of the big picture, leading them to misapply some recommendations.

As a roaster and a consultant over the past nineteen years, Scott Rao has had the opportunity to cup and view the roast data for each of more than 20,000 batches roasted on a variety of machines by various methods. About five years ago, he spent several days poring over reams of roast data in an attempt to find the common elements in the best batches I’d ever tasted.* To be clear, I’m not refer-ring to “really good” batches. I focused only on the data from batches so special that I could “taste” them in my memory months or years after physically tasting them. That effort yielded what I think of as the “commandments of roasting.”

This book is both for the seasoned roast master looking for more information on common criteria that affect a roasts but also for those looking to get into roasting.

Publication from Scott Rao
Hardcover, 88 pages
Printed in China


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