Kivuvuma (Burundi) - 250g
  • Kivuvuma (Burundi) - 250g
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Terroir Best Lot

Cup Notes
Jasmine / Passion Fruit / Honey / Cherry / Apricot
Suggested for espresso and filter

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Quality Score
Terroir Best Lot
Several small farmers
1600-1800 masl
Anaerobic Natural - Raised Beds
Arabica cultivar
Picked in
May 2022
Arrived in
October 2022
Shipped in
Jute + GrainPro
Roast profile by
Rubens Gardelli
Roasted on
Customised solid-drum roaster


This coffee lot, Kivuvuma, is part of the Kawasili project. The lot is named after the hill, on which the drying station is situated. Kawasili drying station, where the lot was processed, is located in Burundi, Kayanza Province, Gahombo. The founders Diane Nsengiyumva Fabiani and Andrea Fabiani, both agronomists, are fully dedicated to promoting Burundian coffees and helping the coffee industry in the country grow.

The cherries for this lot are bought from 1.400 small producers, who grow coffee between 1.600/1.800 masl. Kawasili project takes seriously the commitment to reducing environmental and health impacts of the coffee industry. Only use natural process is used to reduce water consumption and prevent waterways contaminations, enabling the station to proudly save 1.000 litres of water for every 60 kg of green coffee.


Kivuvuma (Burundi) - story


The variety is Mibirizi, Bourbon-Typica group. This variety exhibits exceptional cup quality and is drought-tolerant, but highly susceptible to major diseases. Likely the oldest variety, it is still an important arabica cultivar for smallholder coffee growers in Rwanda and Burundi.

The origin of Mibirizi is poorly documented. According to the Belgian coffee historian Edmund Leplae, it was brought from Guatemala by the German administration in Rwanda and Burundi in the 1910s. It was called “Guatemala” and would most likely have Typica lineage, because Guatemala was planted 100% in Typica at that time. It is very likely that Mibirizi plants were then mixed with French Mission plants (which belong to the Bourbon lineage) introduced from Kenya. Some breeding was initiated in the Mibirizi population and several lines were compared at the Rubona Coffee Research Station (near Huye, Rwanda) during the 1950s. However, it is not clear if any specific Mibirizi lines were released for farmers, or if the cultivation of Mibirizi today originated from pre-existing Mibirizi plantations. Recent genetic tests have confirmed that Mibirizi is related to the Typica genetic group.

Kivuvuma (Burundi) - variety
Kivuvuma (Burundi) - fermentation