Puqpress Automatic Coffee Tamper

The worlds first automatic coffee tamper!

The PuqPress revolutionizes coffee tamping completely.  It’s the world’s first fully automatic coffee tamper and it’s worth its weight in gold.

Perfectly Level
No matter which staff member makes coffee, tamping levels will always be perfectly level due to the unique patented clamping mechanism. Perfect tamping means better espresso shots and reduced barista calibration.
Furthermore, hand pressed tampers cause various injuries in the barista’s arms and shoulders in the form of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).  Automating the process removes that risk.

Consistent Pressure
Tamping pressure is digitally adjustable from 10kg to 30kg of force to ensure 100% consistency between baristas. Guaranteed to reduce barista injuries and fatigue caused by manual tamping.

The PuqPress allows the busy cafe to deliver the customer’s orders quickly.  On average, the PuqPress tamps in only 1.3 seconds – great for high volume cafes, mobile espresso vans, hotels and restaurants.  Greater speed means increased profitability.

Simply choose the tamper head that suits your machine.  PuqPress is available for all major espresso machine group basket sizes.

Superior quality and design means the PuqPress doesn’t take up a lot of space and it is a cool piece of equipment to show to your customers.  It has been engineered and manufactured in The Netherlands using European technology and design.

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Cut-off time is 11:59pm (UTC+1) of the day before shipping days.