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Onyx lot, Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida - Brazil

CUP SCORE 87.50 (scaa cup protocol)

Milk chocolate / Cashew nut / Nutmeg / Lemon cookie  / Golden raisin

suggested for espresso and filter


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Technical detail

F.N.Senhora Aparecida      Brazil               
Producer             Country
Mogiana                 1100mt
 Region/Zone          Elevation   


                Natural             Yellow Bourbon     
Pulping process       Cultivar    


    May 15                   April 16
     Picked in              Landed in


        1500 kg              Vacuum Pack
     Lot size                Arrived in
   Rubens Gardelli     drum roaster
  Roast profile by    Roasted on



We are really honored and proud to present you the top-of-the-line product from one of the best coffee farmers in Brazil. This is a special micro-lot that won many national awards, packed in a very special vacuum box.
You can watch here the video of how this amazing box looks like.

O’Coffee is a major producer of coffee in Brazil, located in Pedregulho, Alta Mogiana region in São Paulo State, the only one with an extensive range of products. It is also one of the first Brazilian companies to produce specialty coffees. In Alta Mogiana, a traditional production area of the best coffee in São Paulo due to its favorable altitude, climate and temperature conditions, O’Coffee has six coffee farms: Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm, São José farm, Santa Adelia farm, Santa Rita farm, Santa Maria farm and Fazendinha. Together, the coffee farms have more than four million coffee trees, with half of its area being irrigated.
The history of O’Coffee begins with the arrival of the architect Giuseppe Quercia to Brazil with his son Vincent in 1890. The Italian, in addition to building churches in the interior of Sao Paulo, was responsible for the family ́s approach to the coffee business.
The activity of coffee was taken up years later by his grandson Octavio, who devoted himself to the cultivation of coffee in the city of Pedregulho, and maintained by the great grandson Orestes who, with
his keen vision for business, became a reference in the Brazilian business circuit and main responsible for making their homeland part of the international coffee culture.
After the death of Orestes Quercia, in December 2010, his wife, Alaide, and children, Cristiane, Andreia, Rodrigo and Pedro, took over the business, keeping the family tradition in the coffee sector as well as the project initiated by Giuseppe.


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