Yandaro lot #3 - Burundi

€ 10.00

CUP SCORE 88.00 (scaa cup protocol)

Vanilla / Butterscotch / Honey / Hint of  peach

suggested for espresso and filter


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Technical detail

Yandaro w.station        Burundi    
   Producer             Country
       Kayanza              1750 masl
       Region               Elevation


          Wet                   Bourbon  
Pulping process       Cultivar    


        July 15               January 16
     Picked in              Landed in


       3400 kg              GrainPro bag
     Lot size                Arrived in
   Rubens Gardelli     drum roaster
  Roast profile by    Roasted on



In 2012, Yandaro has achieved 2nd place in the prestigious Cup of Excellence in Burundi and was often awarded for its coffees, we are thrilled to present you this fantastic lot!
Yandaro wet mill is located in the province of Kayanza, about 130 km from Bujumbura. The coffee region of Kayanza is located close to Rwanda. It is the quality of its coffee orchard and the altitude of production mainly between 1500 and 2000 masl that makes Kayanza known for the quality of its coffee production.

This wet mill is fortunate to be located at high altitude (2000 masl) on a volcanic soil with average rainfall of 1300mm per year. Cherries collected in this area are therefore very high quality cherries. Coffee producers from around the wet mill are small coffee producers: each one has about 400 coffee trees and collects small volumes of cherries. In 2012, Yandaro processed 174 MT cherries. The water used on the wet mill comes from the Nampanda river, by gravity. Coffees from that wet mill are dried on African beds.

Most of coffees processed in Yandaro are produced at more than 2,000 meters above sea level and the Bourbon variety is widely prevalent. Coffee growing in Burundi is not under shade because coffee bushes are planted on the slopes of hills and maintained by mulch to prevent erosion.