The Professional Barista's Handbook

€ 45.00

The Professional Barista's Handbook is a comprehensive resource guide covering the ins-and-outs of espresso, coffee and tea preparation. Scott Rao explains the science behind espresso and drip coffee brewing, how to pour latte art, how to evaluate equipment, and every other important aspect of making great espresso, drip coffee and tea.
Whether you are a cafe owner, a competitive barista, or an amateur enthusiast, The Professional Barista's Handbook is one of the most important resources you can have to improve your coffee-making skills.

Best of all, it cuts to the chase and shows the core methods for achieving great extraction without making you read too much theory. It also avoids being too specific in showing just one technique. In other words, read this book and over time you surely will develop your own variations. That's the way it should be.

Publication from Scott Rao
Fourth Edition, hardcover, 99 pages
Printed in China