Sitio Alto da Serra - Brazil

€ 12.00

CUP SCORE 86.75 (scaa cup protocol)

Graham cracker / Hazelnut / Cocoa / Banana / Hint of Papaya

suggested for espresso and filter


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Technical detail

Domiciano P. Goncalves     Brazil            
Producer             Country
Minas Gerais (Natércia)     1200 mt        
 Region/Terroir          Elevation   


  Dry (natural)          Red Catuaì
Pulping process       Cultivar    


      May 16                  August 16
     Picked in              Landed in


          1200 kg              GrainPro bags 
     Lot size                Arrived in
   Rubens Gardelli     drum roaster
  Roast profile by    Roasted on



Sitio Alto da Serra is a quite new coffee farm located in a very interesting and growing terroir called Natercia (Sul Del Minas state). The first coffee trees were planted in year 1998, during which Domiciano Paulo Goncalves has inherited the family farm and he decided to embark on coffee cultivation.

The first 5 years, production was very low due to the young tree age. The following years production was centralized on optimized, raising quality and consistency level.

Today, Domiciano hard work it is quite clear in the cup, creating an exotic experience. One of the peculiar flavour of this lot, besides the classic hazelnut and cocoa notes that are easy to find in a specialty Brazilian, is the BANANA.

It works particularly well on espresso creating super balanced and fruity shots.

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