Girma Edema - Ethiopia

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Blueberry / Lemon peel / Floral / Clove

suggested for espresso and filter




Technical detail

Girma Edema            Ethiopia    
   Producer             Country
  Oromia (Guji)          2020 masl
       Region               Elevation


      Natural               Heirlooms 
Pulping process       Cultivar    


    January 15                July 15    
     Picked in              Landed in


      2600 kg              GrainPro bag
     Lot size                Arrived in
   Rubens Gardelli     drum roaster
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The Guji region of Sidamo, along the Mora Mora River in southern Ethiopia, produces “forest coffee”, or coffee trees that grow wild. The region also has numerous small coffee farms that pool their coffee in a co-op for milling and export. Guji coffee is heirloom. What that means to us is that it is not a modern cultivar, but a traditional coffee that is unchanged from the very earliest coffees grown in this area. That alone would make us pretty excited about trying it. But there's more…
With wet processing, the coffee cherry is soaked in a vat of water to loosen the sticky fruit that surrounds the seed. It tends to roast more evenly and be brighter, crisper and a bit smoother in the cup than a dry processed coffee. With dry processing, the entire coffee cherry is allowed to sun-dry on raised tables. It is raked every two hours to continually stir it up, preventing mold and insuring a more even drying. The dried up fruit is then mechanically removed from the seed. This is risky business for the mill. Mess it up and you get a moldy, harsh, medicine tasting coffee. Do it right, though, and you are rewarded with a twisty, complex, heady, intense coffee.
Guji abounds with floral, spice, lemony and blueberry upfront.