Dried coffee flowers - Panama

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 Jasmine / Orchid / Oolong / Bamboo / Vanilla

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Technical detail

Graciano Cruz             Panama 
   Producer                Country
       Volcan                   2080 mt
Region/Terroir         Elevation   


  Dried Flowers         Gesha, Catai
Fermentation           Cultivar  


       March 16           September 16
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          4 kg              Vacuum boxes
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   Rubens Gardelli     drum roaster
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We are thrilled to announce our very first release of this unique product.
What you see in the photo are dried coffee flowers, composed by 3 different varieties: Gesha claro, Gesha scuro and Catuaì.

Unless you know a coffee farmer it's unlikely you'll come across coffee blossom tea. It's not as common as Cascara (dried coffee cherry skins) because of the challenges associated with harvesting. For just a few short days the farm fills with an intoxicating perfume of jasmine, and pickers have a short window to quickly and carefully harvest the fragrant flowers. It takes a timely harvester with a delicate sense to pick the blossoms so that removal doesn't affect growth of the coffee bean.

Los Lajones is owned by Award-Winning Producer Graciano Cruz, located on the eastern slopes of Volcan Baru, Panama. The combination of years of experience, unique location at the slope of a volcano, the care and dedication spent to selective harvest and the best processing standards makes these flowers unique.

We tried different ratios and found out the best way to obtain a sweet extraction is with 1 grams, 400 grams of water at 92 *C, total brew time 10 minutes.

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