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Kinone - Uganda

250 gr

*Fair Trade Certified*

Cup Notes

Raspberry / Mandarin / Prune / Clove / Cane sugar

Suggested for espresso and filter



when we roast

We freshly roast to order all coffees on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excluding national holidays), and ship the same day! Cut-off time is 6:00pm (UTC+1) of the day before the roast day.

Technical detail

Several small farmers
1600-2000 mt
Wet (washed)
SL14 & SL28
Picked in
Mar-May 2017
Landed in
December 2017
Lot Size
7200 kg
Arrived in
GrainPro bags
Roast profile by
Rubens Gardelli
Roasted on
Customised Genio15 roaster


Kinone is a single micro washing station run by Bukonzo Organic Farmers Co-operative Union. Founded in 2009, 36 micro washing stations nestled in this pristine green mountainous region contribute to cooperative's total crop. The area's fertile soil is famed for producing some astounding coffees and this one is no exception.

Situated at the feet of the Rwenzori mountains just north of Lake George, the region around Kasese has excellent conditions for speciality Arabica production with some of the highest altitude in Uganda, fertile soil and plentiful rainfall. However widespread poverty and a lack of infrastructure, as well as the political upheavel in Uganda over the past 40 years has meant this region has struggled to realise its full potential for speciality arabica production. Organisations such as Bukonzo Co-Operative are leading the way in realising this potential and returning it to its status as a respected speciality arabica producing region in Uganda.

This is the first Ugandan washed lot we have ever stocked!

Usually with washed SL28 you expect florals and light and fruity but instead you get a mild, balanced cup that leads with raspberry and a mandarin marmalade with citric acidity and a nice sugarcane-like sweetness.

Kinone (story)


SL28 was bred by Scott Laboratories in 1931 from Tanganyika D.R, and has become very popular throughout Kenya and is recognised as a variety of exceptional cup quality. It has wide leaves with coppery tips. Beans are wide and productivity comparatively low. Though it is not substantiated that we can find, some sources claim that Scott Labs crossed mutations of French Mission, Mocha and Yemen Typica to produce the SL 28 variety. No matter the exact genetic composition, almost certainly their original goal was to create a plant with high quality, reasonable productivity and great drought resistance.

SL 34 is a mutation of French Mission, originating from the plantation of Loresho in Kabete, SL 34 has wide leaves with bronzy tips. It is widely grown throughout Kenya. SL 34 is valued for its high productivity in different climate conditions and great height ranges. It is also claimed to be resistant towards draught and strong rainfall.

SL 28 (variety)


Red ripe cherries are carefully selected and delivered to the washing station on the day of harvest then placed in a  flotation tank to separate by density. The cherries which sink to the bottom (the highest quali- ty) are separated for processing. After removing the outer pulp the coffee is fermented without water for around 24 hours, depending on climatic conditions. The coffee parchment is then washed in clean water channels. The wet parchment is dried in the sun on raised beds for 3 days, followed by shade drying until the coffee has reached a moisture content of 12%. They must be frequently turned to ensure consistent drying. The dried parchment is then delivered to the co-op’s central dry mill and rested before being hulled, graded by bean size and bagged in Grainpro for export.

Washed (fermentation)

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