Espresso Basket Quartz Nanotechnology B702TFH26NT
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Espresso Basket Quartz Nanotechnology B702TFH24NT

Aesthetically identical to the Competition Series by IMS, this new filter basket is notable as cleaning is much simpler, faster and with even better results. Ongoing materials research from IMS has resulted in a new generation of filter basket with specially treated surfaces. These make the basket easy to clean and ensure maximum hygiene.

This innovation is the result of nanotechnology when processing the steel to prevent deposits forming. This process is already approved under the NSF 51 standard for contact with food.
Each basket has been designed to exploit the whole coffee puck, which also facilitates drying and expulsion. The filter is cylindrical with a flat bottom to facilitate a even tamping and espresso extraction.
Conical cross section certified and inspected holes shape increase texture and mouthfeel of the espresso.
Each piece is marked with a lot number for materials and producing process traceability.


Espresso machines manufacturer compatibility

La Marzocco • Synesso • Slayer • Kees Van Der Westen • Nuova Simonelli • Victoria Arduino • Rancilio • Promac • Magister • Astoria • Conti • Elektra • La Pavoni • Fracino • Faema Vibiemme • Wega • Ascaso • Bezzera • Bfc • Bianchi •Brasilia D.I.D. • L'Orchestrale • ECM • Expobar • Fiorenzato • Grimac • La Nuova Era • La Scala • Quality Espresso • Rocket • Royal • First Sanremo • SV • SAB • VFA • E61 standard • Brugnetti • Londinium


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Technical detail

Number of Holes
715 hexagonal spacing (E)
Aisi 304 stainless steel
Quartz Nanotech
Ø 70 mm (B70)
2$ mm (H24)
Ø 60 mm for Ø 58 mm tamper
Cylindrical with convex bottom
Re-laminated and recalibrated
Perforated Area
Ø 49 mm
Hole Diameter
0.30 mm
Hole Shape
Circular with conical cross section
Wet vibrofinishing with ceramic inserts and drying with corncob
Removes small oxidations
Eelectropolishing for a smooth surface with unmatched sanitary qualities

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