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The CONE FAST Specialty Coffee Filter provides your infusions with a greater speed of extraction, allowing you to change the extraction variables defined until now for V60, permitting the desired characteristics of the coffee to be enhanced, new flavours and cup profiles to be obtained, and your coffees to be rediscovered.

The CONE FAST Specialty Coffee Filter has exceptionally low retention, offering greater flow in the brew and faster extraction.  It allows you to have full control over the flow rate during pouring, explore finer grinds without clogging or choking, and achieve higher extractions.
The greater filtering speed provided by the FAST allows you to modify the recipes with values which slower filters do not permit, such as using finer and therefore more uniform grinding, using more, shorter pours, or different quantities of coffee. The aim is to succeed in extracting the desired flavours from each coffee.
The result is a clean and full-bodied cup, with a characteristic silky mouthfeel. The FAST paper does not leave any trace of flavour or odour in your drink.

When the CONE FAST was created, the objective was to achieve the best possible paper quality and to guarantee the minimum impact on the drink.
The CONE  FAST Specialty Coffee Filters are therefore composed of 100% organic fibres from controlled plantations.

FLAVOUR-FREE: does not leave flavours of paper in the drink, achieving a clean cup without added flavours.

ORGANIC: it consists entirely of fibres of plant origin from controlled plantations.

CONSERVATION: the sealed packaging guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from suspended particles and therefore flavours from being absorbed.

FOR V60: he filter adapts to conical commercial V60’s with V60-type open bottom.

CLEAN AND SHINY CUPS: visible results in the cup: it stays clean and shiny, not dry.

M SIZE FOR 1-4 CUPS: The filter is recommended for infusions of up to 4 cups, of no more than 450 ml.

MADE IN BARCELONA: manufactured locally to guarantee the greatest traceability, uniformity and quality of each filter


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