Shower Screen Quartz Nanotechnology MA200RNT
Nensebo, lot 04 - Ethiopia

Shower Screen Quartz Nanotechnology E61200RNT

E&B Lab Quartz Nanotechnology Shower Screen is a unmatched quality shower screen with a filtering membrane integrated inside the body.
This innovation is the result of nanotechnology when processing the steel to prevent deposits from forming, allowing a drop-by-drop water flow for unparalleled distribution on the coffee puck.
This process is already approved under the NSF 51 standard for contact with food. 
This non-sticky material allows the shower screen to collect less coffee powder, therefore remaining cleaner than regular showers.
The unique design and Quartz Nanotechnology material allows water to flow evenly over the coffee and prevents the screen from getting clogged with coffee. Machined from one single piece, the outside face is completely smooth. The design also blocks the backflow of coffee-tainted water inside your group and solenoid, improving solenoid life and cleanliness of the group head.


Espresso machines manufacturer compatibility
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Technical detail

Membrane Filtering
0.8 mm
Aisi 304 stainless steel
Quartz Nanotech, Blocking Technology
Ø 2,4 mm, 127 holes
Body Diameter
56,5 mm
Bord Diameter
60 mm
Wall Height
17 mm external
The membrane is fixed to the body of the shower and the support disk by bending.

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