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Hassan Al Amer (Yemen)
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Hassan Al Amer (Yemen)

250 gr

Competition Series

Cup Notes
Rose / Chamomile / Hibiscus / Blood Orange / Cloves 

Suggested for espresso and filter


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Technical details

Quality Score
Hassan Al Amer
2520 masl
Anaerobic Natural
Arabica cultivar
Yemen heirlooms
Picked in
March 2021
Arrived in
December 2021
Shipped in
Vacuum pack
Roast profile by
Rubens Gardelli
Roasted on
Customised roaster


Yemen is in crisis. Mired in a civil war, its infrastructure and economy have been destroyed, and the violence is taking a desperate toll on most of the population, with famine and no medical help in the worst-hit regions. But Yemen, even if it is now war ravaged, hardly accessible and not well connected logistically, is also the cradle of coffee, where it has been grown for at least 700 years. And what is the aim of Specialty Coffee if not trying to save the origins and help small farmers improve their life conditions while also offering outstanding coffee?
This lot came from Hassan Al Amer's Village located in the rugged Haraz Mountain in the northwestern highlands of Yemen.
Coffee is grown at very high altitudes, making the beans particularly dense and hard. Yemeni coffee has a distinct and unusual taste. What makes it so special are varieties cultivated, traditional terraced farming at high altitudes, and processing methods.

Hassan Al Amer (Yemen) - story


All Yemeni coffee comes from ancient heirloom varieties of coffee, whose cultivation started hundreds of years ago. Today heirloom coffee varieties grows wild and mutate spontaneously in the unique climate and soil of Yemen’s northern mountains.

Hassan Al Amer (Yemen) - variety


As producers give increasing consideration to the effect of fermentation on the quality and profile of their coffee, they are adopting different and interesting techniques to their repertoires in order to diversify their offering. One method that is becoming more popular is fermenting coffee in a controlled anaerobic environment, meaning that the coffee is placed in a vessel without any presence of oxygen for a part of the fermentation process. For this lot, the whole cherries underwent anaerobic fermentation for 65 hours.

After fermentation, whole cherries are dried as in classic natural processing. For this lot, cherries were dried on raised beds for 42 days.

Hassan Al Amer (Yemen) - fermentation


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