Samples Box / Cignobianco+Single Origins

€ 25.00

As a rule we only look to cover costs of the Sample Box for your evaluation.
It contains 3 samples, 50gr each, from our current coffee selection of single origin higest-scoring lots and 250gr pack of our Signature Espresso Blend Cignobianco.
We strongly suggest to evaluate our coffees following the SCA cupping protocol using a softly mineralized water (no more than 100 mg/l of total dissolved solids). For Cignobianco please follow the suggested espresso recipe you find inside the product page.
Shipping cost is applied  according to your location and your preferred carrier.
You will be totally reimbursed on your first wholesale order
Enjoy our delicious collection!

The content of the box cannot be changed.
We roast to order all coffees on Wednesday and Saturday, dispatching on next working day. Cut-off time is 8am UTC+1