TREASURE BOX (competition series)

€ 67.60

A box with 5 bags (100gr each) from our current best coffees for your evaluation.
The current Treasure Competition Box contains:
100gr of La Camilina Gesha natural
100gr of Cerro Azul Gesha natural
100gr of Berlina Gesha washed
100gr of Mora Mora
100gr of Muhura

Please remember that our stock of coffee is fluid and constantly changing, therefore we cannot guarantee you that once you find the coffee you LOVE,  there is going to be enough for your following request.
We suggest to immediately cup all the coffees, find what excites you the most, then send us your request...the sooner the less risk of selling out.
Price is based on the relative 250gr bag of each lot, without adding any fee involved with the extra labour for  smaller bags.

When you taste these Competition Series lots we strongly suggest to strictly follow the SCA Cupping Protocol, and most importantly use a water with TDS between 50 and 100 mg/l (or ppm), please don't go below or above that TDS otherwise you will not get the full range of aromas and flavour these amazing coffees are capable of.


The content of the box cannot be changed.
We roast to order all coffees on Wednesday and Saturday, dispatching on next working day. Cut-off time is 8am UTC+1