Gathaithi - Kenya

€ 20.00

CUP SCORE 91.50 (SCA cup protocol)

*Competition Series*

Honey / Rhubarb / Black Currant / Apple cider / Butter / Blackberry

suggested for espresso and filter


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Technical detail

Several small farmers      Kenya           
Producer              Country
      Nyeri                   1800 mt
Region/Terroir       Elevation   


         Post soak (washed)    SL28 & SL34            
 Fermentation        Cultivar    


December 16            April 17 
   Picked in            Landed in


           7500 kg               Vacuum pack  
     Lot size                Arrived in
   Rubens Gardelli     drum roaster
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We proudly present you what is going to be one of the most delicious coffee for 2017, The very first *Competition Series* of the year.

Nyeri area is known for coffees with intense, complex, and flavor-dense cup profiles.
Gathaithi is the name of both the washing station where this coffee is processed, as well as the local Farmers Cooperative Society. Wet mills are referred to as "factories" in Kenya, each serving a particular micro-region. Gathaithi station is where the local members deliver their whole coffee cherry for processing: first pulping in a 3-disc "Kenya" style pulping machine, fermenting overnight, cherry skins washed away, and then soaked once more before the parchment coffee is laid out to dry on raised drying beds. There are currently 1250 coop members, and the average altitude is 1800 meters above sea level.

There is a lot of competition in Nyeri. Many of the farmers are surrounded by several wet mills. They are free to choose where they want to deliver their cherries as members. Due to the traditional auction system in Kenya, quality is re- warded with higher prices. The better factories will then attract more farmers by producing coffee getting the highest prices, as well as giving high payback rate to the farmers.

Farmers selectively handpick the ripest, reddest cherries, which are then delivered to the cooperative’s wet mill on the same day. Cherries are hand sorted prior to pulping, with damaged and under ripe cherries being separated out from the red, ripe lots. A 4-disc Agaarde pulping machine removes the skin and pulp. The coffees are graded by density in to 3 grades by the pulp- er. Grade 1 and 2 go separately to fermentation. The coffee is fermented for 16-24 hours under closed shade. After fermentation the coffees are washed and again graded by density in washing channels and are then soaked under clean water for 16-18 hours and then spread out on the raised drying tables. Time on the drying tables depends on climate, ambient temperature and total production volume undergoing processing. Drying can take from 7 to 15 days in total. Continuous sorting and hand turning of the parchment takes place throughoutthe drying process.

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