Herminio Ramirez - Peru

Coffee Soap Bar

Handcrafted artisanal coffee soap bar, prepared with three specialty coffee elements: Cáscara Coffee Cherry, Green Coffee Oil, and Espresso-fine Roasted Coffee. Detoxifies. Nourishes. Exfoliates. Wake up your glow!

Concerns: Dullness • Anti-Aging • Cellulite
For All Skin Types: Oily • Dry • Combination • Normal • Sensitive • Mature​
Prepared with 100% vegan, 100% natural and food-grade ingredients.
They do not contain chemicals nor alcohol.
All ingredients are mommy-safe for use during  pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Made in Italy

please note

All orders are shipped on Friday, Monday and Wednesday (excluding national Holidays).
Cut-off time is 06:00pm (UTC+1) of the day before shipping days.

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